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Green Energy Target for The New India

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India has been committed to reducing its carbon emissions and emerge as a country playing a major role in climate control on a global scale. The country has taken various steps to push green energy adoption and phase down its coal usage. The country has taken a stance that it will be difficult for developing nations to completely phase out coal in order to ensure future growth, but doing so gradually in a phased manner could be an answer to the growing global climate concerns.

The thermal industry is a means of livelihood to lakhs of Indians. However, it is estimated that 30 million jobs could be created in the clean power domain by 2030. According to IEA, efficiency, automotive and construction would account for 16 million jobs alone, out of the 30 million estimation. Jobs can be created in the field of construction, EV manufacturing, solar technicians, grid engineering and expertise, battery storage and other innovative technologies including hydrogen.

India is pushing new rules to encourage the development of a carbon market in India and include minimum consumption of alternative sources of energy in industries. This will further help reducing the industrial carbon footprint in the country. The power ministry is also encouraging the usage of Green Hydrogen for its industries. The country has currently not committed to zero carbon emission targets and is resorting to reducing such emissions to avert climate change.

Green Hydrogen

In olden times as well as in traditional Indian households even today, the sun has been worshipped as a Powerful God. How true and logical it seems now! Imagine a day that the sun does not rise. How will it be? There will be no life on the earth without the sun. Starting from the plants that need the sun to make their own food and in turn ours, the sun has the energy to power the world as well as be the means to create livelihoods for millions. India crossed the 100 GW mark of RE in August’21 and is estimating to achieve 450 GW by 2030. Renewable energy now accounts for more than 25% of India’s total energy mix. The country is now looking at other means to better the environment like resorting to electric mobility as well as promoting the new Hydrogen mission.


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