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Energy Audits in India become big Business with Electricity prices on the Rise

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Energy Audits in India

Electricity prices in India have gone up at a crazy rate in the last few years, with fossil fuel price increasing. Bankrupt utilities have been forced to pass on the rising price of fuel to consumers. This has meant that the average price of electricity being paid is easily around 10c/Kwh for residential, to as high as 15c/KwH for industrial and commercial customers. This has made rooftop solar energy an attractive option for a lot of industrial customers. Energy efficiency has also made a big entry into the Indian energy scene. Note energy efficiency is the most economic way of reducing carbon emissions and being green. Improving energy efficiency can see your large electricity costs going down by a substantial 10-15%, which can lead to higher operational efficiency for the organization. This also bolsters your green credentials and is also great for the government, which is trying hard to reduce India’s monstrous energy deficit.

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India’s largest private power utility Tata Power has come out with an aggressive energy audit program for its consumers in Mumbai. The company has already reduced the demand for power by helping consumers access accredited energy audit firms. These firms conduct a thorough review of the power consumption by energy consumers and recommend ways to reduce the electricity consumption. This is a win-win both for the utility and the consumer, as the utility is unable to service the complete electricity requirements in most parts of India. The consumer gains by installing energy efficient equipment, which permanently reduces the fast growing power bills. Note in the West, most solar installation companies are offering energy audit services as well. Energy efficiency is going to be a long term growing business, so for the Indian entrepreneurs it is a good place to start your venture.  HVAC accounts for over 40% of the energy consumption in the developed countries and will soon account for a large portion of the energy demand in India as well.


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