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Pakistan’s Gas Focused Transportation faces both Short term and Long term Dangers

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Pakistan has a massive power problem with chronic electricity brownout thanks to its mismanaged and corrupt administration. The industries in the state are mostly idle as they don’t get power for more days on an end. Now a new problem is starting to creep in its transportation sector as well. Pakistan has more than 0% of its vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). This would be good for a country but thanks to its corrupt and inefficient government this too faces huge problem.

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Short Term problems

Allegations of massive money gouging by CNG pumps led the SC in the country to arbitrarily fix the profits and prices of the supply chain. This has led to bankruptcies of a large percentage of the CNG stations. The problem cannot be solved as gasoline is expensive and the country lacks adequate gasoline supplying infrastructure as well.

Long Term problems

Pakistan is not a natural gas rich country and the gas reserves will run out by 2022 as gas demand has risen by 80% in the last 20 years. Exploration of new wells is not taking place as government fixes artificially low pries leading to low returns for investors (reminds one of India). Imports of natural gas is also not feasible given the geopolitical problems with Iran .

Solar Energy in Pakistan starts to compete on its own

Pakistan is a energy deficit country like most other South Asian countries with inadequate investment  in the electricity sector and the distribution infrastructure. The cause of the energy crisis in the country is due to massive corruption and mis-governance , a theme which will be familiar to  citizens of India as well. Pakistan has been looking at investments from the Chinese power companies in the hydro and wind sectors to boost electricity generation. However these investments take time and some may never come to fruition. However Pakistanis are now turning towards cheap Chinese solar panels to beat the high electricity tariffs and dependence on expensive diesel generators and UPS systems. Note Diesel is not only expensive but also environmentally very harmful. UPS which is generally made of lead acid batteries is not great either with short lives and maintainability problems. Small Cheap solar panels enough to power a couple of lights and fans can be now be bought with small investments of $400-500 which is within reach of most citizens. Though problems exist such as cartelization and corruption in buying solar panels, it still is becoming a feasible economic alternative to fossil fuel sources.


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