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5 Awesome Solar Products for buying/ gifting under $100

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Solar Products are showing an exponential rate of growth as solar prices have come down drastically thanks to a massive increase in solar production capacity in Asia particularly China. Though this has led to a trade war between the US and Chinese governments, consumers have benefited from vastly lower prices of solar energy products. The best way to see if a durable appliance is becoming a part of common household item in India is to check whether it is being given as part of the dowry when a father marries off his daughter. By that yardstick cheap crystalline solar panels in India have become a common household item as families are gifting their daughters’ small solar panels which will help power their new houses with lights and fans during the pervasive power black outs. Solar Energy is being used in a large number of products apart from the standard solar panels which is used to produce electricity for houses and offices. The most sold solar consumer products are solar lights, solar chargers, solar lanterns, solar charging kits for emergency power.

Best solar products being solar at cheap prices in the US market

They make an excellent buying as well as a selling option.

1) Goal Zero 11800 Nomad 7 v2 Solar Panel – This is produced by the Goal Zero company which is one of the largest portable small solar panel sellers. This kit has a USB and an AC port to charge small devices like cell phones. It is useful during hiking and outdoors and has a monocrystalline solar panel (most powerful solar panel technology in the commercial market). It is portable flexible solar panel kit which comes with a small battery for storing power.

2) Frostfire 16 Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light (Weatherproof, no batteries required) – This solar light makes uses of LED and solar technologies. For $24 you can buy an outdoor motion sensing light that goes on when something comes into a 3 meter area. Pretty nifty solar device which requires no cabling, no maintenance and has life of at least 5 years.


3) Opteka BP-SC4000 Ultra Thin Solar Powered High Capacity (4000mAh) Backup Battery and Charger for Cell Phones, iPhone, iPod, and Most USB Powered Devices – This ~$20 solar charging product is highly versatile and comes with lithium ion battery storage. It can also be charged from computer USB port apart from solar energy. It has standard fitting to charge most popular mobile devices from Nokia, Samsung, Apple etc. It is a compact, lightweight, solar-rechargeable backup power. It will take about 4 hours of direct sun to replace the charge in the Opteka.

4) d.light S10 Solar LED Lantern – This company was started in India and is one of the most successful off grid solar companies in the world. D.Light Design is one of the most successful solar lamp companies in India and has sold solar lamps in like S250 which also have a mobile charger. Note India despite its poverty has hundreds of millions of poor who have access to a mobile phone. But the lack of electricity access makes charging these mobile phones a huge problem. Having solar energy charge the mobile phones is a great idea and has made D.Light Design quite a success already. The D.Light S1 has a crystalline silicon solar panel, a nickel battery and a LED Light. By combining solar energy with energy storage and LED, D.Light has managed to create a unique green lighting solution at such a low cost. More such products are needed in the Indian context to help reduces carbon emissions.


Solar lanterns are highly versatile, useful and ultra cheap at less than $16. D.Light S10 is a bright and durable replacement for flashlights, battery-powered lanterns, candles, and kerosene lanterns. Its integrated solar panel removes the complication of installation and wires, its 2 brightness settings offer up to 8 hours of bright light

5) Ideaworks JB5629 Solar-Powered LED Accent Light, Set of 8 – Seems an awesome deal to buy a set of 8 LED Solar Lights for the garden. No maintenance and no power needed as they charge up during the day using solar energy and light up through LED lights in the night. The most awesome thing is the price which is less than $2 per light. Though the brightness is not very high the cost benefit is excellent. Must buy solar light.


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