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The GWI Weekly Newsletter – Did You Miss Anything?

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All posts published on GWI for the Week Ending 26th August, 2012

A recent technology to manufacture solar cells & panels by isolating chlorophyll, the plant protein that converts sunlight into energy and transforming them into electrons……. Benefits – very cheap, low dependence on electricity, Consumers into Producers, go green……. Drawbacks, Technology.

India’s largest state in terms of population Uttar Pradesh, is set to come out with a 5 year solar policy to generate 1000 MW of solar energy. Solar Power in India is set to see spectacular growth fueled by Indian Government subsidy policy JNNSM…….. Solar Farms vs. Solar Rooftops, Gujarat Solar Energy.

The price crash for solar panels seem to be never ending with the latest solar module prices ending at around 72c/watt for normal crystalline solar panels………. This implies that the whole industry is losing money since the lowest cost solar panel manufacturer is selling at a 0% GM……. The solar industry pain has been prolonged as insolvent solar companies like LDK, Suntech are kept propped up by the Chinese Government and its banks.

Suzlon which is India’s largest pure play green company and one of the largest wind turbine manufactures globally has been stuck in morass since 2009. The company has been making losses continuously as the global environment changed dramatically…….. Demand is also slowing down in key markets like China, USA and India with subsidies being reduced and wind markets reaching maturity.

There have been hundreds of solar bankruptcies in the last couple of years as solar panel prices have gone down by almost 65% and ASPs have approached the COGs of the lowest cost solar panel manufacturers. ….. Sharp which is Japan’s largest solar panel manufacturer is facing a real fear of failure as its stock price has crashed to a 37 year low as its cash flow position become precarious.

A great solution to the massive problems of waste generated by urban bodies. Not only are the millions of tons of waste processed but they also help in generation of energy………. Major Problems – Waste needs to be sorted before being burned, problem of obsolete technology being used, location of the Waste to Energy plant also leads a lot to be desired.

Hanwha Chairman has got a sentence of 4 years to serve in jail after being found guilty of using company cash for personal use (all $4.5 million of it) and spending an additional $250 million to help his brother…….

Apple being the most valued company in the world with a current market capitalization of more than $600 billion has tons and tons of research being written about it daily. The primary reasons are Sell Side and Buy Side Heavily Long, Competition, Peak Margins, Android is gaining marketshare rapidly in smartphones ……….

 India’s Governance was always quite bad except for a few good years here and there………. However the PM continues to live in cuckoo land with his advisory council predicting a 6.5% growth rate in 2012 as industrial production declines, the country suffers from a drought ……..

The Global Green War had started with the US imposing duties on imports of Chinese made solar panels and cells. Subsequently dumping charges were also imposed on wind energy equipment made in China as well. China has not been able to do much against these duties as it exports almost 80-90% of its solar products……..

Ponzi Schemes have come out with innovative ideas…….. Emu Farming has seen a massive boom in the country with hundreds of Emu farms being set up around the country…….. Mainstream Media (Times of India) too gets duped and helps in propagating the Ponzi Scheme.


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