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ToughStuff to sell Durable Solar Panels to African Poor under Business Call to Action (Bcta) by UN Development Programme

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Solar Energy is one of the best ways to bring energy to the disenfranchised poor in Africa and Asia which have no access to electricity and energy. Note Solar Panel prices have fallen by almost 90% in the last 4-5 years making solar energy much more accessible to the poor . Solar Panels can be now be bought at less than $200 which makes them affordable to large sections of the poor. They having stopped costing a ton in subsidy money given the low prices. Besides massive capacities exist in China and other places in Asia which can churn out solar panels in the hundreds of millions.

New innovative financing companies are selling solar panels in USA and other places to take advantage of the growing solar energy affordability. A company called ToughStuff is making a plan to sell solar panels which are tough and durable to poor in 14 countries in Africa and Asia. The company will do so under the Business Call to Action (Bcta) supported by UN Development Programme .Note the poor in these countries have to depend on biomass and kerosene energy which are highly polluting besides being costly. Replacing them with solar panels will make it not only climate friendly but also lead to cost savings. In India there are already a number of companies like D.Light and Orb Energy which are involved in such initiatives.Solar Lamps in India are replacing  Kerosene a dirty oil refined product is the main source of energy for millions of Indian citizens

Millions of people to receive solar energy access through UN-backed initiative

A Mauritius-based company announced today that it will provide access to low-cost solar energy for 33 million people in Africa and Asia for the next four years, as part of a United Nations-backed initiative to fight poverty.

The solar energy provider, ToughStuff, will expand access to low-cost, durable solar panels and solar battery packs to low-income communities in 10 African countries (Burundi, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, South Sudan, Zambia and Zimbabwe) and four South Asian countries (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal).“Companies like ToughStuff invest in communities by providing cleaner, healthier energy options through core business operations,” said Susan Chaffin, programme manager for BCtA. “This commitment will help to boost development and improve social equity in a sustainable way that is good for the environment and good for business.”


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