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Is India already a Banana Republic as Union Minister Threatens High Court Judge

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India has been plagued with numerous corruption scandals being exposed in the last few months.While a number of such scandal like the Adarsh Land Scam,Commonwealth Scams,Stock Market Scam,Stock Market Scam,Housing Finance Scam have been written about in this blog,the spate refuses to stop.With India’s Chief Vigilance Officer calling 30% of Indians as utterly corrupt and even the Supreme Corrupt calling corruption in India “mind boggling”,it is not a surprise.2G Telecom Scam Prime Suspect Telecom Minister Raja has come into the spotlight again for threatening a High Court Judge in a CBI case related to an eduction scam.The background relates to a High Court Judge of Tamil Nada accusing a Union Minister of influencing a decision of the court.This created a huge ruckus as the said Judge refused to name the Minister.India’s Judiciary is one of the more powerful institutions in the country and considered much more trustworthy than the other 2 arms executive and the legislature.The Agriculture Minister brazenly supports favored Business Interest while another Minister was sent packing off after unethically supporting a cricket franchise

Threatening and Influencing Judges is consider a big crime in India (as is in most countries in the world) and with a HC Judge openly accusing A Raja of threats,the government of India comes under more pressure.Note A Raja is a an important leader of the DMK party of Tamil Nadu which is in coalition with the Congress party at the federal level.A Raja has been castigated by the Supreme Court for blatantly favoring telecom firms in the 2G Auction and even Nira Radia wire tap implicates him for taking huge amounts of money to favor telecom companies.India is looking more and more like a Banana Republic with each passing day.Ratan Tata the other days called a thorough probe into 2G Scam to prevent India from becoming a Banana Republic.But looks like India is already a Banana Republic with little regard to the rule of law (at least for the Business and Political Elite).

Madras High Court suspends lawyer for attempting to influence judge – Hindu

In further embarrassment to former Telecom Minister A. Raja, the Madras High Court on Tuesday suspended from the bar a top lawyer who was allegedly involved in an attempt to influence a judge taking the name of the minister.A Division Bench, comprising Justice F.M.Ibrahim Khalifulla and Justice M.M.Sundaresh, said the status of R.K. Chandramohan, a member and subsequently as Chairman of the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Pondichery, shall stand suspended forthwith.

He should not be permitted to function as such pending disciplinary action by the Bar Council of India, the bench said.Disposing of a petition by a lawyer, the Bench appended a portion of a letter written by a former judge of the court Justice S. Reghupati, who had reported that Mr. Chandramohan had entered his chamber last year and pleaded that the case of a father and a son, accused in a marks scandal case in Puducherry, for anticipatory bail be considered favourably as they were “family friends of a Union Minister by name Raja.”

The lawyer handed over his mobile phone to the judge saying that the “union minister is on the line to have a talk with me.”“I discouraged such conduct of Mr. Chandramohan and told him that the case would be disposed of in accordance with law, if listed before me,” Justice Reghupati had said in his letter of July 7, 2009 to the then Chief Justice of Madras High Court.Justice Reghupati, who has since retired, had in his letter, complained about the Chandramohan’s “outburst and uncontrollable” behaviour.


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