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Are 30% of Indians Totally Utterly Corrupt – Does not seem an Exaggeration given the Number of Corruption Scandals being Exposed

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India’s outgoing CVC Commisioner has said that 30% of Indians are totally utterly corrupt.Given the number of corruption cases being exposed his statement does not seems an exaggeration.In 2008,one of the Biggest Corruption Scandals took place right under the Public Eye as India’s Telecom Minster Raja sold 2G Spectrum at artificially low prices to favored firms.This Scam led to Billions of Dollars of Losses for the Public Exchequer as it led Spectrum Winners to generate instant profits of Billions.The 2G Spectrum was sold at prices that were the same as in 2001 despite the Telecom Industry having totally changed in the time period.There was no transparent auctioning mechanism but a First Cum First Serve Policy of buying the spectrum at Fixed Price.It is almost funny how  India’s valuable resources were sold in a manner similar to sell of tennis tickets.Companies in the know managed to submit tenders and win the spectrum.These companies then sold stakes to foreign telecom companies like Telenor,Etilisat,MTS etc. at stupendous profits.It does not take a genius that some of the ill gotten money found itself in the coffers of politicians and bureaucrats.Supreme Court which is India’s topmost Judicial Authority has accepted a petition to look into the aspects of the 2G Scandal.Note past experience does not instill much confidence that justice will be served.The prosecuting agencies such as CBI and CVC are known to be puppets in the hands of the Ruling Politicians and you can’t expect a person to prosecute himself.India’s Manmohan Singh who has a very clean image strangely has defended A.Raja damaging his own credibility instead of taking a high moral stance and firing the Minister.

India’s Supreme Court Seeks Response on Spectrum Sale (Update1) – Bloomberg

India’s Supreme Court today sought a response from government agencies, Telecommunications Minister Andimuthu Raja and the Central Bureau of Investigation on a public interest petition on the sale of wireless spectrum.

The Centre for Public Interest Litigation is seeking a court-appointed team to monitor an internal probe by the CBI, a federal agency, into the award of second-generation airwaves for mobile telephony in 2008, the petitioner’s lawyer Prashant Bhushan said. The group is challenging a May 2010 judgment of the Delhi High Court, which dismissed the case against Raja and the government.

Spectrum Scam : India’s Mother of All Scams -J Gopikrishnan

The 2G Spectrum allocation scam, considered as the mother of all scam in India, caused more than Rs. 60,000 crores loss to public exchequer exposes the vulnerability of prevailing laws of the Nation, at the whims and fancies of political-middlemen nexus

The joke became a fact, when real estate companies Swan and Unitech bagged the spectrum license at a throw away price and they off-loaded their shares at a whopping price to multi-national telecom giants. The Swan Telecom bagged the license for Rs.1537 crore for operating in 13 circles. Within months (September) it sold its 45 per cent of shares to Etisalat, the telecom giant in UAE for 900 million US dollars (Approximately Rs.4500 crore).

Similarly, the Unitech, another real estate company too entered into a bumper deal, without investing anything in telecom infrastructure. The company got license to operate in 22 circles for Rs.1651 crore. Within weeks, it sold 60 per cent shares for Rs.6120 to the Norwegian company Telenor, who is currently a major telecom player in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

All Political Parties Involved in Looting and Plundering

India’s Telecom Minister A.Raja claim to fame is his loyalty to regional satrap’s Karunanidhi who supports the Federal Government.Family Infighting in DMK’s Dynasty led to ouster of erstwhile Telecom Minister Dayanindhi Maran one of the more  dynamic ministers in the government to be replaced by A.Raja.This Auction has been severely criticized by not only the Oppositoin but also Government Vigilance Agences.But in typical manner in which government works,the voices are being silenced or being ignored.Corruption in India these days has become quite blatant and open with the politicians and bureacrats operating with impunity.The recent Commonwealth Games (CWG) has seen multi million dollars scams as well but there has been invesitgation or legal cases.The leader of the Games Preparation Suresh Kalmadi who is also ruling party leader is still in charge of the preparation despite mass scale corruption being reported.Corruption is indulged openly by all parties with even Opposition Politicians being exposed for engineering Scams on a Daily Basis.

Recruitment scam: Under HC fire, minister quits  – IndianExpress

Put under pressure by the Karnataka High Court over a minister’s role in the illegal recruitment of staff to two new medical colleges in the state, Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa forced the minister to resign on Sunday.

Medical Education Minister Ramachandra Gowda submitted his resignation after his role in the recruitment of 350 people in violation of recruitment rules was put under scrutiny by the High Court over the last week.

Gowda’s continuance as minister was questioned by the court since the Medical Education minister is the overall in-charge of affairs of all government medical colleges in Karnataka. The government in filings in the HC had admitted to illegalities in the recruitment of staff to colleges at Hassan and Mysore.


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