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More Empty Rhetoric over Climate Change and Renewable Energy by World Leaders

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Climate Change Mitigation and Global Warming have been put in cold storage by world’s major countries like USA and China.While Europe and Japan are pushing initiatives to stop Global Warming,their efforts have been stymied by states like Saudi Arabia, USA and Canada.Some countries keep polluting like there is no tomorrow.USA is far from passing even a watered down climate and energy bill while Canada continues in its merry carbon emitting ways.China which has not committed to a   reduction target ans was one of the principal wreckers on a global agreement on climate change in Copenhagen in 2009.China has now surpassed the USA as both the largest energy consumer and GHG emitter.No country is willing to sacrifice even a penny for climate change.A lot of the Green Energy Investment by countries have been to promote their economy rather than concern over climate change.China’s solar industry accounts for more than 50% of the world’s solar production but China has yet to pass a solar subsidy Feed in Tariff Law.The USA is even worse with one of the highest per capita emission of Greenhouse Gases.Despite Obama campaigning on a Green platform,we have not seen any serious efforts by the administration on climate change.The UN official in charge of climate change pessimistically said that she does not envision a climate deal in her lifetime

More Empty Rhetoric at IEA Meet in New York

The IEA meeting where Energy Ministers of 80% of world’s Energy Consumers met resulted nothing more than hot air.There was rhetoric about committing more money to renewable energy to stop climate change.There were speeches and discussions but no concrete action as usual.

Countries pledge global support for clean energy – Reuters

The United States and dozens of other countries have pledged hundreds of millions of dollars toward clean energy initiatives to help battle climate change, U.S. Energy Secretary Stephen Chu said on Tuesday.Meeting in Washington, D.C., for a two-day conference, delegations from 24 countries representing 80 percent of global energy consumption promised 11 initiatives that would mean building fewer power plants and using more clean energy.The meeting in Washington brought together delegations from the European Commission, Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Sweden, Russia, South Africa and other nations.

The next ministerial meeting will be in 2011 in the United Arab Emirates, followed by a 2012 meeting in Britain.


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