The last 2 weeks market gyrations have had their effect on the PIIGS. The rising interest rate on their bonds and the consequent effect on their economies is making the politicians sit up and take notice.While Merkel and Sarkozy the leaders of the 2 biggest EU countries play the “bad cop” routine of short squeezing […]

Last week the markets were hammered due to the spreading of the Greek contagion with Euro falling , sovereign debt CDS of the PIIGS increasing daily and markets dropping at a frightening pace. Give this backdrop you would expect some sort of a Weekend Measure from the EU which has come in this form of […]

Green IPO’s which were being planned with the recovery in the world economy and renewed interest by investors have shuddered to a halt.The European debt problems has put a question mark whether the governments which are the prime drivers of green companies can continue their support. This combined with the market gyrations which are being […]

Greece was given an aid package by EU-IMF to contain any contagion effects but looks like it has failed miserably.No one knows how this one will play out whether the Euro will be dissolved or the countries in question will default/haircut or something new which no one has thought of yet . The  huge amount […]

We all know what happened in Spain in 2008.Due to extremely generous feed in tariffs for solar , installers went on a spree installing 2.5 GW of solar in 6 months compared to the world’s global capacity till date of less  than 20 GW . This led to a sharp revision and crash of the […]

One of the biggest causalities of The Greek crisis has  been the  world IPO market.Number of companies all over the world are deferring their IPOs seeing the rise in market volatility . I was earlier thinking that a rash of low quality offerings in the Indian market might be sign of the market top .Seeing […]