Samsung has started taking baby steps into the green business while signaling big intentions about growth and investment.The Company sees most of the future growth to be driven by clean technology,while noting that some the areas where it is dominant in might not exist at all in the future.It  already has existing small business lines […]

The European leaders plan to blow away the Euro sceptics has been an outstanding “success” . The $971 billion plan by the EU,ECB and assorted central banks in the form of emergency lending,loan guarantees and swap lines has led to a massive short squeeze . European indices are melting up by more than 5%. The […]

The US has been a laggard on the climate change mitigation compared to the progressive stances taken by Europe and Japan.Despite strong hopes raised by the election of Obama, the clean energy and climate change have remained on the backburner for the President and his team . While no one doubts that the economic  issues […]

As promised the European leaders chalked out a massive 500 Billion Euros Fund to battle against the “speculators” . This fund will provide emergency lending and loan guarantees to its member . This fund has been apparently set up to save the PIGS. This might provide a short term relief but the long standing structural […]

As I was writing in my earlier posts , one of the biggest causalities of The Greek crisis has  been the  world IPO market.Not only have the IPOs being deferred , Even Rights Offerings are also being delayed due to the market volatility.What has been interesting ,that it has become a worldwide phenomenon. You would […]

SEC as is the case with most regulatory agencies, is trying to create more rules to prevent the 1000 point crash that happened on Thursday.From the bureaucrat’s point of view it makes sense .You create more rules which implies a bigger turf for you to play on. They have not figured out what caused the […]