One of my theories is that a lot of distortions and opportunities for arbitrage that we are seeing in the world today is because “Labor is not Globalized while Capital and Trade are “.However the Restrictions on the “Globalization” or in other words Free Movement of Labor is being reduced through the following trends Improvement […]

The Greek Contagion is back with full force with its attendant symptoms.Only last week these symptoms had shocked us with its ferocity.Last week I wrote in one of the posts The  huge amount of uncertainty is hammering the markets and making the VIX vault to incredibly high levels though nothing near the Sept 2008 levels. […]

The European Bazooka which led to a massive short covering rally on Monday has been proven a complete waste in just 5 days. Reports of political and social fissures within the European Union and more importantly the prospect of slow growth in the whole region due to fiscal cuts has led to the Euro falling […]

China is recognized as the manufacturing hub of the world due to its low cost of labor and capital coupled with the  pro industry policies of the government.These advantages are now being leveraged by the country to establish leadership in Green Energy which many recognize as the next Big Industry . Despite rhetoric from Obama […]

Gold has gone up to touch all time highs. Despite the European Bazooka and the melt up in markets,gold has not come down from the highs it made during the Greek crisis.It’s a way of the market telling that they have now little faith in the paper currency being printed in the trillions by the […]

Europe’s $970 Billion Bazooka yesterday certainly led to a “defeat” of the “speculators” yesterday as major European markets climbed by 5% while smaller ones climbed by 9-11%.Even the Asian and American markets rallied strongly in sympathy.However the Euro has fallen back sharply  to 1.27 after rallying to more than 1.3 as people are still concerned […]