The Greek Contagion throws up bad news everyday.Not a day passes by it seems when the Markets and the Euro are rocked from the PIIGS.The Spanish Banking sector has been in the news lately with the “Cajas” being seized or merged together by the Spanish Central Bank.Spurred by the Greek funding problems , European countries […]

The recent sharp correction in the S&P and other US indices has been the biggest since the March 2009 Rally.The US and other Global Stock Markets have rallied between 70-100% on average along with other “risky assets” like Commodities,Junk Bonds,Emerging Market Currencies etc.However the Greek Contagion has led to a steep fall with S&P down […]

I had earlier written about Seven Reasons for Not Subscribing to the Standard Chartered IDR based on a high level analysis.Going through the massive 811 page Red Herring Prospectus has reinforced by earlier thesis –  that subscribing to the StanChart IDR is not a great idea .In my opinion it would be a very bad […]

Europe has been recently been rocked by problems in Spain’s Banking sector as Spain’s central bank was forced to seize a Priest led  Bank “CajaSur” which was running huge losses.Spain has been facing increasing internal stresses led by a burst of the housing bubble and 20% employment.Its weak “Cajas” which are socially run banks are […]

India could join the elite ICBM club of 5 countries next year with the launch of Agni – V  whose design work has been completed and is on track for its first launch next year. Note India has a highly developed space launch capability regularly launching satellites not only for its own but also for […]

The Greek Contagion has led to indirect negative effects in unlikely places all over the world with the Swiss Central Bank being one of the casualties.The Chinese government has been under fire from other countries for manipulating its currency against the dollar to keep it undervalued but the Swiss have received little attention for doing […]