Module prices to increase in USA Solar system prices in the USA will not fall at the same rate, as a key component – solar panels become more expensive. USA is all set to include Taiwanese made solar cells as part of its anti-dumping measure on Chinese solar panel imports. This means that Chinese made […]

The growth of solar energy on rooftops by house owners has become the greatest threat and risk to utilities worldwide. The falling prices of solar panels and installations have made it increasingly attractive for rooftop owners to install solar modules. This has been helped by subsidies from governments, who want to encourage environment friendly energy. […]

USA against liberalizing their Green Sectors The US government has been very vocal against developing countries trying to promote green industries, through preferential treatment given to domestic companies in subsidy schemes. In fact USA has filed a WTO complaint against India for the JNNSM central solar subsidy scheme, which mandates domestic content for solar panel installations […]

Solar Energy in United States of America is booming like other parts of the world with nearly 1.8 GW of solar capacity expected to be installed in the 4th quarter of this year. This would lead to new capacity installation of nearly 4 GW in 2013, making it the 3rd biggest market after Japan and […]

The US solar market has been dominated by large ground mounted solar farms developed by companies such as Sunedison (SUNE), Sunpower (SPWR), First Solar (FSLR) etc. Easy availability of large tracts of land in high insolation areas such as California and Arizona have helped the development of massive solar farms. Some of the biggest solar […]

The USA China scenario USA and China have been fighting a big solar trade war since last year, even though the solar product trade continues briskly between the two countries. The Chinese solar industry has virtually captured the entire solar industry in the last 6 years through massive government support which has enabled the Chinese […]