Germany has undoubtedly been the biggest solar success story in the world, thanks to its far sighted EEG law. However China and Japan have far eclipsed Germany in the last one year, as German market has saturated itself with solar energy. Germany has a massive 35 GW of solar power installed now, which is almost […]

Bosch to pay Solarworld to overtake its plant in Germany Bosch has been one of the biggest losers in the solar industry, as we estimate that the company has lost more than $1.2 billion in its solar venture. Bosch bought two Tier 2 German solar companies for extremely expensive valuations during the peak of the […]

Germany has been a trailblazer in solar energy usage, with its terrific EEG law being the single largest factor in making solar energy reach the current heights of success, it has reached today. The feed in tariffs which decreased by double digits every year forced solar manufactures to reduce costs and improve efficiency at a […]

Solarworld to buy A Solar Plant German solar cell and module makers have been completely vanquished by the onslaught of giant low cost Chinese solar panel makers. Their cost structures are too high for them to compete with the Asian producers. Solarworld is the last big surviving German solar panel producer with others such as […]

Green Power Subsidy in Germany Germany has been the biggest reason for the success of solar energy growth, as its EEG law allowed big solar panel makers to gain sufficient industrial scale. The progressive lowering of FIT under EEG also forced solar panel makers to cut costs every year, such that now in just 5-6 […]

A large section of the German solar industry has already shut down or been bought for pennies to the dollar by Asian conglomerates such as Hanergy, LDK Solar and others. The remaining companies are also on the brink of collapse as they are not competitive with the super cheap low prices being charged by Chinese […]