Japanese Solar Bubble Solar Energy in Japan is seeing a huge boom in solar installations as the generous subsidy announced by the Government sees the entry of newer players each day. The growth is driven by assured returns in excess of 30% which is attracting all sorts of investors from Japan where the interest rates […]

Greenworldinestor has been pointing out the rapidly deteriorating competitive position of Sharp in the solar panel market for the last couple of years. We have even pointed out that it was not worth buying a Sharp solar panel given the alternative. Now as predicted Sharp has bailed out of the solar market almost completely selling […]

We have been predicting a massive solar energy boom in Japan due to the generous solar feed in tariffs set by the Japanese Government in the wake of the Fukushima Nuclear accident. Note Japan generates very little electricity from renewable sources of power like wind and solar energy. However that is changing with a large […]

Real Estate Bubble in India Indian real estate prices are one of the highest in the world in terms of affordability as median real estate price to median income ratio is almost 300, in India’s economic capital of Mumbai. There are a number of reasons given by real estate companies in India to justify the […]

Investment in Offshore Wind Energy The growth potential in offshore wind energy has attracted a large number of top global industrial conglomerates despite the industry not living upto its potential. Offshore wind energy is facing a mounting number of problems like logistics, high cost and project delays. However this has not deterred companies from making billion […]

Sharp strikes a deal with Hon Hai Sharp Industries is in a very bad shape losing billions of dollars last year as its TV and solar panel business floundered in the face of heightened global competition from Korean and Chinese players. The high cost of its domestic manufacturing base and the rising yen led to […]