It was earlier reported that China would promotes its CleanTech Industry through Electric Vehicle subsidies.It would give between $7000-9000 in subsidies to Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles.Note China is already a leader in Battery Technology for Electric Vehicles with both Japanese and American automajors looking to Chinese technology and production of Batteries for their new […]

In Seven Reasons that China’s Economy might be slowing down, I had described the factors that might lead the super strong Chinese growth engine to slow down.It seems that the symptoms of a slowdown have started appearing with Purchasing Manufacturing Index (PMI) and Leading Indicators both indicating that growth  is slowing.After a scorching 11.9% growth […]

China’s communist government has always been wary over Internet’s power to undermine its vice like regulation and control of China’s society.China’s Internet censorship is the most sophisticated and comprehensive in the entire world.Note other countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan also routinely impose Internet/Facebook bans but their efforts are pygmy like compared to the sophistication of […]

Bangladesh is one of the world’s poorest countries with a high population density.Carved out of erstwhile Pakistan,this predominantly Muslim country faces huge poverty like other countries in South Asia.It has very little natural resources and its human capital is also quite poor.The Textile industry is one of the biggest industries with $12 billion in annual […]

First the European Union raised an alarm over shortage of 14 materials used in new age Green Industries most of which are found in China.Now the US is thinking of taking over the issue from the EU as it mulls options to take the case to the WTO ( World Trade Organization).China has 97% of […]

China’s Central Bank Statement which signaled more flexibility in yuan’s fixed exchange rate to the dollar led to a major market rally in commodities ,emerging markets and even the US markets for a short while.However the euphoria that the currency appreciation would solve the global problems is quite delusional to say the least.Yuan reforms first […]