Europe’s Solar Trade Policy The whole global solar industry is moving ahead at a rapid pace with regulators and policy makers not being able to keep up with the fast change happening in the industry. European Union is one of the biggest group of useless bureaucrats on the planet. There are mostly an unelected group […]

Chinese Make An Entry in Other Solar Segments The Chinese industry is dominating the solar sector by edging out Western and other Asian companies through sheer size and lower costs. It has decimated the whole competition outside of China except a couple of hold outs which are also in severe distress. While solar wafer to […]

Chinese Reduce Their Solar Target The Chinese solar market demand has become the biggest factor behind the fortunes of the global solar manufacturing industry. Most of the manufacturing takes place in China, so it is fitting that the Chinese market determines the fate of the solar manufacturing industry. However, the Chinese market has seen a […]

China – Solar Energy China has seen a huge surge of solar energy installations in 2016 which has never been seen before in the history of solar booms in the world. A massive 20 GW of solar energy capacity was put in the first half of 2016 as attractive feed in tariffs made solar developers […]

  China just stuns your mind with the large numbers that are bandied about. The country has one of the largest coal power capacity in the world with 895 GW of capacity existing around China. However, most of the capacity lies idle as power growth has decreased to just 3% from the around 10% earlier. […]

Where will Solar Industry Go From Here… Solar energy has been witnessing an overwhelming response from all around the world. The technology has not only been successful on grounds of its green credentials, but also a sharp decline in its prices. The solar panel prices have plunged almost 40% in the past few quarters. Much […]