Solar Energy in Bangladesh Given the success stories of renewable energy worldwide, Bangladesh is also planning to go big on solar! The country has taken few big steps in this regard over the last few years. Here are few highlights of solar energy in Bangladesh: i) Setting up of SHS –┬áSolar Home System program ii) […]

Illegal Migration of Bangladeshi Citizens to India Huge illegal migration into India by millions of Bangladesh citizens every year is a fact which almost everybody in India knows but the Government has failed to act and recognize it. The principal opposition party BJP had made it an issue in the last elections but failing to […]

South Asia is becoming a hotbed for possible army coups as democratic governments in Pakistan and Bangladesh foil attempts by the army to topple the government. Note both countries have seen long tenures of army ruling them with civilian leaders assassinated or sent to exile. India though remains solidly democratic with the armed forces subservient to the government in both law and fact.

India’s Relations with its Neighbours in South Asia has mostly been strained despite sharing a common history and culture.While China and Pakistan remains India’s topmost concerns with 4 wars being fought with these 2 countries in the last 65 years,the other smaller neighbours have not always been too friendly.However things seem to be improving with Bangladesh which is completely encircled by India on 3 sides.Bangladesh has viewed Big Brother India with suspicion despite India playing a crucial role in Bangladesh’s Liberation from Pakistan during 1971.However the Bonhomie since 1971 was lost as subsequent military rulers and the BNP ruled coalition viewed India as an adversary.However the coming back to power of Shiekh Hasina led AWP has put India and Bangladesh on a new level.The reasons behind India-Bangladesh closeness are due to

Bangladesh recently witnessed violent protests by textile workers who are being forced to work for wages below $1/day even as inflation rages at more than 10% in that country.Bangladesh has recently seen increased outsourcing of garments with Chinese wages increasing.However the conditions for the textile workers has not improved as the salary levels for the […]

The Global Financial Crisis is truly global in its character of inflicting misery and impoverishment amongst workers.Bangladesh and US which are two highly disparate countries in almost every sense are now facing a common problem.Unemployment and low wages is becoming a big headache for policymakers in both countries.US is facing more long term unemployment since […]