Indian wind energy has been facing tough times of late with the whole paradigm of feed-in tariffs (fixed payments for electricity generation) being abandoned in favor of the reverse auction model which is much more competitive. It seems that these tough times are an inherent problem of the industry itself which has grown fat over […]

Fate of Wind Industry in India The Indian wind turbine industry has been a big success story in the area of renewable energy manufacturing with Suzlon occupying the space of one of the top five global wind turbine players for a long time. There are also a number of other turbine manufacturers that have made […]

Fate of Wind Energy in India Despite tall claims by the Indian government that they would bring in a large number of reverse auctions to augment the Indian wind energy capacity which touched a new record last year, the industry is in a very gloomy state. “Wind, this year, is dead,” as per Sunil Jain, […]

State of Wind Energy in India remains dismal even after a record-breaking 2016! While Indian wind energy industry is looked upon as one of the bright spots in a world where growth is slowing, I hold a different view. Even as foreign equipment suppliers rush into India, attracted by the record breaking 5 GW of […]

Is India’s 4GW of central auctions even feasible? India has reached a position of surplus power at the current point of time with most states facing the problem of excess power. Though hundreds of millions of people live in darkness without access to electricity, there is a problem of excess power. The reason is that […]

Can India really Install 6GW Wind Capacity in FY18 Suzlon chairman Tulsi Tanti thinks that India can do 6 GW of wind energy capacity next year after India installed 5.4 GW of wind capacity in FY17. This record breaking capacity addition was a one off since the wind energy industry faced a huge amount of […]