Budget 2018 – Solar And Wind Energy, India A total of INR 3,762 crore is allocated for grid-interactive renewable energy schemes and projects under the Budget. Out of this more than 50% goes to solar (roughly INR 2,045 crore), while 20% of the funds (~INR 750 crore) will go towards the wind sector. The funds […]

Trends in The Global Wind Turbine Industry The global wind turbine industry is going through another major turning point as margins have started to shrink sharply due to governments setting up new wind energy capacity usage rules. The world’s top two players Vestas and Gamesa-Siemens saw their recent quarterly results being hit hard by lower […]

Guest Article In recent years, wind turbines have become a common sight across the world, as countries race to do their bit to cut emissions and provide a more sustainable form of energy for the future. But, how much do we really know about these structures and the process of generating power from wind? Here […]

Wind Vs Solar in India The Indian wind manufacturing industry has grown in a protected environment in which high feed-in tariffs paid by states allowed developers and wind turbine players to make abnormal profits for a long time. The high entry barriers in the form of a limited land parcel with high wind velocities and […]

Indian wind energy has been facing tough times of late with the whole paradigm of feed-in tariffs (fixed payments for electricity generation) being abandoned in favor of the reverse auction model which is much more competitive. It seems that these tough times are an inherent problem of the industry itself which has grown fat over […]

Fate of Wind Industry in India The Indian wind turbine industry has been a big success story in the area of renewable energy manufacturing with Suzlon occupying the space of one of the top five global wind turbine players for a long time. There are also a number of other turbine manufacturers that have made […]