Huawei and ZTE have been in the eye of a storm with the Indian government banning these companies from selling telecom equipment in India due to security concerns.Note the relations between India and China have never been cordial with a war being fought in 1962 between the two countries and China continues to generously aid […]

Pakistan started by banning Facebook as one of the pages had a cartoon drawing competition of one of Islam’s revered figures. A group of lawyers petitioned the court to ban the entire Facebook service and not just the particular page as Facebook was complicit indirectly for allowing the page to be hosted. The court to […]

Pure play Electric Vehicle producer Tesla which has got a lot of press for its “Roadster” Electric Vehicle has found another partner in Toyota.Tesla has earlier sold a 10% stake to German auto giant Daimler.Besides making vehicles,Tesla also sells power train technology to other big auto producers.Toyota which is at the vanguard of “clean  transportation” […]

While European solar module producers have seen their marketshare and revenues crumbling in the face of the Chinese onslaught , there domination of the solar equipment continues.Despite semi equipment giant Applied Materials maintaining its top position in the Top 10 rankings released by VLSI the other ranks are dominated by European players mostly from Germany. […]

For some time I have noticed that European Union has been coming down very strong on anti trust actions and price fixing against technology companies . These fines  usually consist of a large monetary fine plus some provisions to prevent such actions in the future.However US and Asia have not been involved in such big […]

Nokia is  already losing the smartphone wars to Apple and Google in the developed markets.So the low end segment is where it is relatively insulated from competition from these technology giants.However local players in the Indian market are nipping at its heels even in this segment. It like a pack of dogs bringing  down a […]