Google’s paltry $39mm investment in a Wind Farm was puzzling as it really seemed to meet no goals.The investment would not lead to any significant advancement in Wind Technology nor was it big enough to lead to large production of Green Energy.Google has been touting its commitment to Green Energy and has even funded some […]

India has agreed to allow telecom equipment manufacturing equipment from ZTE and Huawei after banning them due to security concerns. Hectic lobbying efforts by Huawei/ZTE,Chinese trade bodies and the Indian telecom operators has made the Indian government change its decision.As a face saving gesture, telecom equipment will have to be screened by international security audit […]

ZTE and Huawei have been banned by the Indian government due to security concerns.The reasons for the the ban are pretty obvious with relations between these Two  Asian Giants remaining sensitive despite a massive increase in Trade in recent year. The Indian government seems concerned about telecommunication equipment sourced from ZTE and Huawei which have […]

Solyndra has been  the most hyped startup in the crowded Solar Energy field .It is not due to a lack of competition,another thin film player Nanosolar has been in the news with heavyweights like Google,Carlye and EDF backing it.Then there are other startups like eSolar, Brightsource  Energy,Miasole which promise to drastically improve the adoption of […]

China is leading US in Clean Energy Manufacturing while it lags behind the US in Technology .While the US government is only thinking that they might lose the clean energy leadership to the Chinese,the Reality is that they are already behind in the Clean Technology Race.This is being confirmed from actions by US as well […]

Nokia’s faulty execution in the smartphone segment has put it in  a position where I can only call it a minor player despite its leading marketshare in the overall mobile market.While other tech giants like Apple,Google,Microsoft and others are increasing their marketshare and presence in different segments of  Technology, Nokia is fighting to retain its […]