The Indian Smartphone Industry – 2016 India has become the second largest market for smartphones, beating USA. India has a large growing population, with increasing demand for smartphones. India has a huge potential for this industry, with the smartphone penetration still below 30%. Samsung was the largest vendor for smartphones in India. Micromax, Lenovo, Intex […]

Things are looking bleaker and bleaker for workers in two of the world’s largest nations India and China. Not only are rapid technological changes reducing the employment prospects of semi-skilled and unskilled workers around the world, but now a global economic slowdown threatens further hardships on the worker class. Rapid technological change in robotics, Artificial […]

Important points to consider before buying Air Purifier in India With rising levels of pollution and increasing threats to health from the diseases caused, people are resorting to air purifiers to breathe in clean air. I recently bought one for my home too. There are ample air purifier choices available in the market today, which […]

Monocrystalline Technology Monocrystalline technology is starting to become more competitive with multicrystalline technology as we are emphasizing in Greenworldinvestor. The new PERC technology shows better effects in mono panels as compared to multi panels. This has led to increased interest and investment into this technology. Longi Silicon has been the champion of this technology movements […]

Global Unemployment Unemployment is a major problem for both India and the world and has been repeatedly stressed in our blog over a long period of time. The problem is becoming worse by the day, with more and more young people looking for jobs even as the market shrinks. An IMF report stresses the huge […]

BlackBerry BlackBerry (BBRY) has been a big disappointment for investors over the last three years. Despite period stock price bursts, the company fails to live up to investor expectations and the stock price falls back again. The company has been in the restructuring mode for a very long time now, as it looks to replace […]