Although being a new member in the designing cosmos, generative design has become pretty popular in the industry! Why? Well, unlike any other related technology, it amalgamates AI and cloud computing pretty efficiently. Therefore, you can automate almost everything with these applications without worrying about space allocation. But does it mean that the human workers […]

Can Hyperloop Disrupt The Transport Industry Hyperloop has gathered vast amounts of media attention in the past few years and is said to be the next big thing in transportation industry set to disrupt the trillion dollar industry. However, the hype around Hyperloop has failed to produce anything concrete till date, unlike Electric Vehicles which are […]

Solar AC in for INR 90,000 in India Solar products have remained niche entities till now as companies have not produced or marketed them effectively in the Indian market. Most of the solar products such as solar lamps and solar street lights are sold through government programs and there is hardly a big enough private […]

The march of Technological Giants against humanity Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Uber etc. are not only growing rapidly but also expanding into a diverse number of areas, which have no relation to technology. These companies have become so large and dominant that their power is now being felt by not only USA citizens, but […]

Foxbots in China Last year Foxconn chairman had said that he would use 1 million robots to replace most of the workers in his numerous factories in China. Foxconn which is one of the largest electronic manufacturers in the world supplying to all the top brands such as Apple, HP etc. is also one of […]

1 Robot to replace 100 Workers India is inducting around millions of  workers into the ranks of job seekers every month with its burgeoning population which mostly consists of the younger demographic. Most of these job seekers won’t get jobs as the Indian economy has failed to create enough good jobs thanks to the years […]