Solar Power Generators Solar Power Generators have become a mainstream product as plunging costs of solar panels has suddenly made them affordable for a vast majority of citizens. Hurricane Sandy brought into focus the shortcomings of our dependence on fossil fuel based transportation and heating systems. With no supplies of gasoline and natural gas to […]

Will Solar Pumps replace Diesel Pumps in India While Solar Panels in India gets all the attention and publicity, other solar products in India like solar lanterns, solar pumps and solar lights are showing sharp growth without subsidies. While India’s Government concentrate their promotion efforts on building of large solar power plants and farms built […]

Solar Power Generators Hurricane Sandy which caused massive damage to the eastern coast of USA particularly New Jersey and New York bought home the importance of emergency electricity generators. As the power went out in large chunks for days, most of the electricity guzzling devices shut down. Even emergency equipment like medical devices went down […]

Solar Watches Solar Watches are one of the most sold and oldest solar products in use. Just like solar powered calculator, solar watches have been popularized by Japanese companies like Seiko, Casio and Citizen. Given their heritage, the best solar powered watches are manufactured by these Japanese companies. Most solar energy watches in the market […]