Solar Dome – structure and cost A Solar Dome installed at the PM’s residence has generated much interest in the product in India. A Solar Dome is a transparent semi-spherical dome-shaped structure designed to capture sunlight. It comprises a sun-tube having a thin layer of highly reflective coating on the inner wall, which enables sunlight to pass through. […]

Solar Powered Cold Storage Portable Units India is the second largest producer of horticulture commodities producing fruits and vegetable in millions of metric tonnes each year. However, since the very nature of these commodities is perishable in nature, these have to be sold out within a stipulated time before getting spoilt. None of us are […]

With an ever-increasing population, the roads have become super busy in modern times. They need a lot of power for proper functioning eg. in solar street lights, signage etc. Many a time, road accidents have been reported because of faulty lighting conditions or improper display of signage on roads. Given below are 5 of the […]

Solar Powered Laptops What is the most annoying thing when working on a laptop? Well for me it’s when the dreaded message pops up saying that my laptop is running out of battery. It is really annoying to get up and put my laptop for charging, as it breaks the flow of my work and […]

Printable Solar Sheets/ Paper Thin Solar Panels Printable Solar Sheets? Yes you heard it right! Now you can power your home with printable sheets made using solar technology. Ideal for those who want to explore solar, are skeptical about installing rooftop solar or have weak roof structures and remote areas without electricity. The technology was pioneered […]

Solar Flower Another breakthrough solar innovation of today’s times is a Smart Flower Solar device. Designed for people who do not want to put up a rooftop solar system and have ample space in their backyard, solar smart flower comes as a ready solution. A solar flower is a fully integrated, all-in-one plug-and-play solar system. […]