We at Greenworldinvestor, have time and again how rooftop solar is gaining traction worldwide. Land being a major constraint in developing economies, rooftop solar is becoming the preferred choice amongst masses. India itself is expecting to install 40 GW of rooftop solar by 2022. To promote rooftop solar in the country, the government has also […]

Rooftop Solar Policies in different States in India A target of 40,000 MW of rooftop installations by 2022 has been finalised by India and according to estimates ~70% of the buildings in India are yet to be constructed by 2030, which shall further widen the scope of solar rooftop deployment across India. Currently only less […]

We at Greenworldinvestor have touted the benefits of going solar time and again. Solar energy have come a long way in terms of cost and efficiency and have also become economical in some places around the world. Solar installations can be broadly classified into large scale ground mounted solar installations and rooftop installations. We have […]

Utilities pose problems for Rooftop Solar in India India has set a lofty target of achieving 40,000 MW of solar rooftop capacity by 2022, but unlike the ground mounted plants, the growth in the solar rooftop market has been slow and tedious. The main reason is that unlike the ground mounted plants, the involvement of […]

Financing my Rooftop India has the highest irradiation levels, when compared to other countries, as can be seen from the graph below. As we all know by now that rooftop solar has tremendous potential in India because of its massive advantages. Other than the problem of land scarcity and transmission issues in India, rooftop solar […]

  What is Achievement Linked Incentive Scheme Achievement linked incentive scheme was launched by the MNRE in May 2016 that promises an incentive on the total project cost, in case the full target is achieved. It is like a bonus paid from an employer to an employee, in case he achieves his targets. The Indian […]