Solar Rooftop Financing In India While a lot has been said about the debt financing needs of India’s rapidly growing solar industry, little has been said about the equity financing needs which is also a huge amount. Assuming that building out 100 GW of solar capacity will need around $100 billion in total capital, the […]

1GW solar rooftops installed in India Finally India crosses the 1 GW mark in the rooftop solar segment. The country has set up an ambitious target to install 40 GW by 2022, and thus has a long distance to cover to reach the mark. India is a hot country with good amount of solar isolation […]

Disappointing Numbers from Rooftop Capital in India India’s rooftop solar sector has failed to grow despite numerous government policies and incentives as the regulations, red tape and discom opposition makes it a herculean task to install a rooftop solar system in India. Given the high financing costs and a lack of awareness in residential segment, […]

Rooftop Solar slows down in India For anyone who has dealt with lower level government officials in India, the sloth and corruption prevalent amongst these employees is a fact of life. Giving bribes is expected and everyone takes it for granted. In these conditions, growing rooftop solar which requires cooperation and a multitude of approvals […]

Integrated Solar Roofing System While rooftop is catching flare all around the globe, we have a new technology that integrates solar into the roof of your house increasing the home aesthetic. This option is available in various colors too. According to Forward Labs, this technological innovation can be simply put as “solar and roofing as […]

Sunrun Q2 2016 Results Sunrun Inc (NASDAQ: RUN) installed 65 MW of solar panels in Q2 2016, exceeding its 60 MW target. The full year installation guidance stands in between 270-280 MW, which accounts for a growth of more than 35% from the installation numbers in the last year. This is even higher than that […]