A Mumbai Housing Complex Goes Green! I recently read an article which criticized the lack of civic sense in tourists visiting Leh in recent years. It stated how people visiting the valley were inconsiderate about the place and dumped plastic bottles which are not only killing the beauty of the place, but also the environment. […]

Indian Rooftop Solar System still to catch up with Utility Solar in India While the Indian solar industry has been making waves around the world in terms of its low costs, massive growth potential and investor interest, the rooftop solar segment has remained in an anemic state. The government’s target of 40000 MW of solar […]

Will Duty exemption Boost Rooftop Solar in India In yet another move to boost rooftop solar in India, the Union ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) has decided to grant custom and excise duty exemption on materials used in solar rooftop projects with immediate effect. This comes after a long time of struggle between […]

Rooftop Solar Costs In India The Indian government has just released its benchmark cost for the rooftop solar sector for the coming year and it is one of the lowest in the world. For a rooftop solar project between 100-500 kW, the cost is just $900/kilowatt which means that you can install a 10 kW […]

Haryana’s Inefficient DHBVN Fail To Install Net Meters For Rooftop Solar Haryana which is a small northern state in India has one of the most inefficient utilities in the power sector DHBVN. While the state government has made a policy to install rooftop solar mandatory for any institution above a certain size, the useless and […]

Is Sungevity going Bankrupt It is no secret that the residential solar panel installer business model that was going great guns till last year has suddenly gone bust. The biggest solar panel installer Solarcity was going downhill rapidly till it was rescued at the last minute by Tesla who acquired it in a controversial deal […]