In spite of aggressive attempts by the government to promote adoption of rooftop solar in India, the country has failed to achieve the desired potential. Now, in an attempt to boost rooftop solar power generation in the Indian capital city, the ministry has come up with a rooftop demand aggregation program for its domestic consumers. […]

Lack of Clarity on Policies is the major Hindrance in the promotion of Rooftop Solar in India Though India is making news in achieving various solar milestones, the country has been lagging behind in meeting its solar rooftop target. The Rooftop solar policy has failed to gather the required flare in the country, in spite of […]

Floating Solar Homes – A beautiful Rooftop Solar Application As Indians, it is our dream to own a house of our own and we start saving for this dream project as soon as we start earning But have you ever thought of owning something which is not only unique but also eco-friendly and self-sustainable. Take […]

Rooftop SRISTI Scheme The government of India is taking various steps in a bid to boost rooftop solar installations in the country. The latest effort is a proposal to set up Sustainable Rooftop Implementation for Solar Transfiguration of India (SRISTI), to provide financial aid of INR 23,450 crore from the government. India has planned to […]

Chandigarh – Model Solar City In 2016, the rooftop solar capital of Chandigarh had issued a notification making installation of solar panels mandatory on the rooftops of residential houses measuring 500 square yard and above and group housing societies. With only two months left for the two-year deadline to expire, the Chandigarh administration is all set […]

Rooftop Solar on a Residential complex in Mumbai Though rooftop solar is growing at a snail’s pace in India, people have not entirely given up on this technology. Recently, a co-operative residential society in Mumbai installed solar panels on its rooftop which is helping it save INR 25,000 in its monthly electricity bill – that […]