Pi We all know that Pi (3.14159265359……) is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. It is an irrational number with digits going on infinitely, following no specific pattern and is represented by the Greek letter ?. But what is generally not known are the other non-numerical places where Pi can […]

English Words without English Origin The world is like a rainbow, with different people and cultures. However it is connected at some level. Music connects people from different facets of life and so does language. We often listen to words in a particular dialect bearing some similarity with words from another dialect. Even in the […]

The Story of a Devotional Student! We all grow up in different environments and have a different mindset. The family and its values play a major role in shaping our personality. Today’s story is about a student none other than myself and my sweet take on Weird Life! I grew up in a very religious […]

Life is weird isn’t it? I am sure we have all faced a situation in our life, where we fail to understand or reason why it happened – either good or bad? Sushil Kumar of Motihari didn’t know he would win Rs 5 crores in Kaun Banega Crorepati or Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers would […]