India’s Telecom Market is a unique market in a lot of ways.The differences are Second Largest Potential Market in the World Cheapest Rentals in the World HyperCompetitiveness with 12-13 players compared to 3-4 in most other markets One of the highest population teledensities making spectrum a scarce resource Very Low ARPU’s due to low per […]

India has  put a ban on Chinese telecom equipment manufacturers Huawei and ZTE due to security concerns.There have been reports of Internet espionage of sensitive government of India’s computers as well as some of the company’s headquarters being off limits to Indian employees.This had made the government wary putting a ban on the Chinese companies […]

China has recently been in the news over Internet Espionage on defense and sensitive installations in India and USA. This has led to the high profile exit of Google from China.Recently a Canadian research organization revealed/alleged  how Chinese govt backed hackers had broken into Indian embassy and government computers.This has made the Indian government wary […]

Nokia which is the undisputed king of the Indian market is facing  not only increased competition in the high end space from smartphones by Apple,RIMM,Google and others but also in the low priced end. A number of Indian companies like Olive,Micromax etc have made inroads with cheaper and feature rich handsets. Nokia has a much […]