Unique Indian Telecom Market The Indian Telecom Market is a unique market in many ways due to the following reasons Fastest Growing Telecom Market in the world in terms of subscribers per month Call rates are cheaper than any other country in the world HyperCompetitive with 12-13 players compared to 3-4 in most other markets […]

Indian mega industrial groups led by Ambani brothers decided to rescind their non-compete agreement which allows oil and petrochemical giant Reliance  to enter the financial,telecom and power sectors.This deal is much more beneficial to Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Group then Anil Ambani’s led ADAG Group.This deal came about after ADAG lost a gas supply dispute […]

Huawei and ZTE have been in the eye of a storm with the Indian government banning these companies from selling telecom equipment in India due to security concerns.Note the relations between India and China have never been cordial with a war being fought in 1962 between the two countries and China continues to generously aid […]

When  under the leadership of  Arun Sarin ,Vodafone bought Hutchison Whampoa’s Indian telecom operations for $10.7 billion  it was seen as a major triumph.India was supposed to be the most exciting telecom market and no price too high.However the potential Jewel in Vodafone to a Money Sucking Morass making it write down $3.3 billion of […]

India suffers from high population density making mobile spectrum a scarce and valuable resource for the 12-13 telecom companies operating in India.Even Vodafone which is the 2nd largest telecom operator  in the world has not been immune from these brutal auctions .The prices  have been bid so high as to make even the government worried […]

Nokia is  already losing the smartphone wars to Apple and Google in the developed markets.So the low end segment is where it is relatively insulated from competition from these technology giants.However local players in the Indian market are nipping at its heels even in this segment. It like a pack of dogs bringing  down a […]