The Government of India has formed a high powered panel to look into replacing the usage of diesel powered gensets by Renewable Energy in Telecom Towers.India has around 300,000 Telecom Towers most of which are powered by expensive diesel generators.The reason is that a lot of the telecom towers are situated in far flung areas where the grid does not exist.Also the power supply in India is erratic and not reliable with 10 hour electricity blackouts not an infrequent occurrence.In these cases a backup supply of electricity supply is badly needed.Diesel Generators are the most popular form with Diesel heavily subsidized by the government in comparison to normal petroleum.Also Diesel Generators are widely available without huge capital costs.

Supreme Court which is India’s topmost Judial Authority has accepted a petition to look into the aspects of the 2G Scandal.Note past experience does not instill much confidence that justice will be served.The prosecuting agencies such as CBI and CVC are known to be puppets in the hands of the Ruling Politicians and you can’t expect a person to prosecute himself.India’s Manmohan Singh who has a very clean image strangely has defended A.Raja damaging his own credibility instead of taking a high moral stance and firing the Minister

The Indian Government had blacklisted Huawei and ZTE earlier this year on Security Concerns.These Firms were said to have close relations with the Chinese Government and Intelligence Agencies had raised a red flag about potential security breaches in critical communication infrastructure.This had led to a lot of  to and fro with Telecom Operators and Chinese […]

Huawei and ZTE,the two Chinese telecom equipment makers keep making headlines for all the wrong reasons.These 2 firms have won over a large amount of marketshare in the past 5 years in the telecom equipment space through their lower priced products.However foreign countries view both firms with suspicion because of their close ties with the […]

India’s Telecom market is one of the biggest and fastest growing in the world.With almost 20 million handsets sold in a month,it is one of the most lucrative mobile phone markets globally.Nokia has been the undisputed market leader with around 53% marketshare.However Nokia’s dominance has been eroded by the advent of local Indian players like […]

Nokia is a company under siege from multiple forces.On the global stage,it is fasting losing brand value,marketshare and profits under competition from Technology Giants Google and Apple.It is also losing its Indian fortress where it used to once reign supreme.With the company losing almost 20 percentage points in India’s telecom market,the last thing it needed […]