The Indian Real Estate There is no argument that India’s real estate prices are totally out of sync with the income levels. Even as India’s other major asset classes such as equity and bonds have languished, real estate has continued to make newer highs almost every year. This has made real estate sector a bubble, […]

India Real Estate in Distress Indian Infrastructure and Real Estate Groups have seen their stock prices crash as losses have ballooned and their debt coverage ratios have dived. Infra stocks are trading for extremely low multiples, as many of them are restructuring their massive debt burdens. These companies went on a spending spree using debt […]

Real Estate crash in India Estate prices have kept moving upwards relentlessly even as other asset classes have languished. Corporate mis-governance and corruption has driven investors away from equity, while bond and fixed income investments have been less attractive because of high consumer inflation. This has made gold and real estate the preferred choice of […]

External Commercial Borrowing/ ECB External Commercial Borrowing or ECB is an instrument used in India to help corporates access foreign money. ECBs include loans, buyer/supplier credit, special securitized instruments and many more. The department of external affairs along with the central/apex bank RBI and Ministry of Finance regulates the guidelines and policies of ECB. Recently the […]

Mike Parker rightly said, “When you don’t invest in infrastructure, you are going to pay sooner or later.” Indian government after realizing the need of development of infrastructure passed a Public Private Partnership Policy which was regarded as a milestone in infrastructure development. Until lately with the lack of development and late completion of projects, […]

Infrastructure Debt Funds Infrastructure Debt Funds (IDFs) are supposed to be set up in the Indian economy to accelerate and enhance the flow of long term debt in infrastructure projects. This fund is supposed to be used for the funding of the highly ambitious government’s program of infrastructure development. In order to attract off-shore funds […]