I have been writing that the slew of low quality offerings in the Indian market may herald a market high.But this might not be the case with the world leaders pouring money like water throught bailout packages and loan guarantees.So our testotorene fueled markets might  grind higher and higher till all the cumulative problems come […]

The Junk Indian IPO  market is not having too much success.Most of  the low quality IPOs are managing to scrape through at just over one time subscription.Jaypee Infratech despite hiring 9 investment banks to sell its IPO just managed to get 1.2 times subscription . Moreover this was done at the lower end of the […]

How do people invest in Indian real estate is beyond me. They are almost impossible to value, are mostly embroiled in cases,have short operating histories and a lot of them have dubious managment.Let me elaborate 1) I have not found a single brokerage report from the “sophisticated” banks that give any decent way to value […]