India’s Stock Market Regulator SEBI has castigated the investment bankers for giving investors the short end of the stick.The regulator accused the I-Banking community of only looking out for the interests of the promoters by pricing primary issues too high.The proof is in the fact that 62% of the IPOs in the last 3 years are trading at below issue price despite the fact that Indian markets are near an all time high.Bad practises such as charging zero fees from big band government divestment,unethical if not illegal promotion of IPO companies through planted ads in newspapers were some of the other things that SEBI found objectionable.

However Tecpro Systems differs from the other 2 IPOs in the sense that it is primarily focused on the Power Sector Space.It is a leader in the ash handling and material handling systems and is currently diversifying into becoming a turnkey provider in this segment.Like other infrastructure players it has seen amazing growth in the last 3 years at around 70%+.Its margins have come down and stabilized at around 7%.Cash Flow have been negative due the breakneck growth and the high WC requirements of the Construction Sector.The valuation does not seem expensive with the promoters diluting around 15% of the company.


This EPC company seems a good investment to me though not as good as VA Tech Wabag.The valuation at around 17x P/E is not very expensive though the sector concentration increase the risk for the company.However given the management quality,this company seems a better investment that other construction companies.The growth prospects of the Power Sector in India is huge and Tecpro seems well positioned in this space with partnerships with other major companies like Va Tech Wabag.Though there is some concentration risk,I think Tecpro seems a subscribe.

Ashoka Buildcon is a Construction Company primarily focused on the Road Segments.Given India’s huge demand for infrastructure and roads,the company is growing at 50%+ growth rates.However the quality of management is suspect given tax seizures,criminal cases and related transactions.The valuation of the company is also not cheap at around 22-23x P/E and around 3x P/B.The Company has grown at an excellent rate while maintaining a Net Margin of 8-10%.


While I like the Road Sector in India and the Company is a well positioned company in this sector,I hate to invest in a company where Management seems untrustworthy.The valuation of the company is not exactly cheap either without being very expensive at around 20x.However if something bad happens Macro wise then expect the stock price to plummet .There are other companies in the Road Sector like IL&FS which operates in the same segment but has a better management trust quotient.

VA Tech Wabag is one of the best quality companies to come out with an IPO in the Indian Market in 2010.The Company boasts of a quality management,good technology and fast growth.Despite a hiccup in 2009,the company has picked up its growth in 2010 and operating in a fast growing Water Industry with good execution,it looks to have little downsides.While Low Net Margins and High Working Capital is a characteristic of the EPC sector it operates in,the company has constantly been able to improve on those parameters.


There is almost nothing to dislike about the company except the valuation which is a tad expensive at around around 28-30x,however the sector P/E is also around 30-35x and VA Tech Wabag deserves a premium.Given the high quality of the company and the Water Sector it operates in,I would invest in the company as the future growth is tremendous.Also the international diversification and the Recession Proof Water Industry makes this investment safer than your normal Indian EPC company which are asking for the same valuations.


1) Valuation – The Valuation of the company is not cheap at around 3x P/B and around 28-30x P/E .But with companies of the same quality going in for around the same if not higher valuations,why would the company sell the shares at a discount.This however does not make it better for investors who get very little for investing in a newly listed company.This stock is an unlikely candidate to be multibagger

2) Negative Cash Flows – The High WC Requirements of the Sector and Fast Growth has meant that the Operating Cash flows of the company have been negative in the last 3 years.


The Company and the Sector in which it operates is a good one,however the Valuation has discounted most of the good things about the company.The company has very little to be negative about except the high working capital ,negative cash flows and the like.But that is a feature of the Construction Sector rather than anything negative about the company.The high valuation given to the issue makes it avoidable given better opportunities in the Indian market.

Electrosteel Integrated is coming out with an IPO to raise around $50mm to fund its 2.2 million ton plant in Jharkand,India.The company is promoted by its listed parent Electrosteel Castings which has been running for the past 30 years and is leader in the Ductile Pipe Category.This company will have ECL holding of 34% post IPO with the other major shareholders being a bunch of PE firms and Stemcor.The plant construction will require around $1.5 billion capex out of which around 40% has been already been spent.Debt will be around $1.1 billion mostly at 12.25% interest rate.

The company has pluses as well as risks,however the plant should start operating in Oct 2010.While the investment is risky,the valuation being offered is cheap with good promoters.For people looking at lesser risk,ECL the parent company also makes a lot of sense.It is trading at 8x trailing P/E and around 1 P/Bx which is again cheap.It has a 34% share in the new company so will gain from any upside as well.Its investment in the company is Rs 700 crore with a total market cap of around Rs 1600 crore.Not expensive and a safer way to invest in