I have been wondering whether the rash of low quality IPOs in the Indian markets is the sign of a market top. There have been numerous IPOs with extremely poor fundamentals in the recent 3 months.Most of these companies fell on the first day of listing while other listings increased for some time before eventually […]

I have been writing that the slew of low quality offerings in the Indian market may herald a market high.But this might not be the case with the world leaders pouring money like water throught bailout packages and loan guarantees.So our testotorene fueled markets might  grind higher and higher till all the cumulative problems come […]

The Indian stock market  has been hit with  low quality offerings over the recent past  with improvement in the general market conditions.I was wondering whether the advent of such issues was a sign of a market top.Looks like it might have been with this IPO Failure and the European Debt troubles. “Tara Health Foods” failed […]

The Junk Indian IPO  market is not having too much success.Most of  the low quality IPOs are managing to scrape through at just over one time subscription.Jaypee Infratech despite hiring 9 investment banks to sell its IPO just managed to get 1.2 times subscription . Moreover this was done at the lower end of the […]

Here is an  analysis on how small IPOs over the past few years are trading way off their highs . Small IPOs trade way below their record highs – Economic Times Good things come in small packets, so goes the saying. But the adage will have to make an exception when it comes to the […]

The junk quality of the IPO offerings in the Indian market is making new lows. Despite the markets making new highs most of these low quality issues are barely getting subscribed or even failing to get subscriptions altogether.After getting burned by Reliance Power 2 years ago , Indian investors are becoming more discerning in subscribing […]