Indian market has seen a raft of junk offerings in the IPO market over the last few months.Many of these issues have failed to get subscribed while others which have got subscription in low numbers have rewarded investors with sharp losses.Nitesh Estates,Tarapur Transformers,Jaypee Infrastructure are some of the few junk IPOs which have bombed after […]

India has seen numerous junk initial public offerings (IPOs) in the last few months which have either led to serious losses for the investors or have led to their not getting subscribed.Even good IPOs like SJVN are leaving nothing on the table for Indian investors.The list of the IPOs like Texmo Pipes,Jaypee Infratech,Tarapur Transformers ,Nitesh […]

Standard Chartered IDR closed below its listing price of Rs 104 in the Indian Market.A Review of Standard Chartered IDR had revealed severe disadvantages for retail investors.In Seven Reasons Why StanChart IDR was not a good buy, I had listed out the shortcomings of the IDR instrument and Standard Chartered as a stock.It seems that […]

Fatpipe Networks IPO failed to get full subscription within the prescribed 3 days with the issue getting subscribed by only 70% .Fatpipe Networks Review had revealed it to be a decent buy based on analyzing the DRHP prospectus.The reasons for the poor response may have been due to doubts being raised about the intangible assets […]

Fatpipe Networks a Chennai based company is planning to come up with ~$11 million IPO on the 7th of June,2010.The DRHP filed with SEBI reveals that it might be an interesting small cap company to buy . Given the flood of low quality junk IPOs hitting the market , Fatpipe Networks looks good on a […]

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has requested India’s stock market regulator SEBI for price secrecy during Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and Follow on Public Offerings (FPO)s. The ostensible reason given is that the price discovery mechanism during the IPO and FPO lets investors bidding during the end of the bidding process an advantage.A specious argument in […]