Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs have revolutionized the Investment Industry in recent times due to their simplicity,low costs and ease of use.The US Market has seen a massive growth in the usage of this  Financial Instrument with a mind boggling variety of ETFs catering to almost every asset class ranging from equities,bonds,currencies,commodities and even derivatives.The […]

Introduction India’s Central Bank RBI is proposing to free up the Savings Deposit Rate which is currently fixed at 3.5% . All banks whether they be private or public, have to offer 3.5% to savings account customers.This is the only rate which is administered by the Central Bank,fixed deposit rates and lending rates are decided […]

Standard Chartered IDR closed below its listing price of Rs 104 in the Indian Market.A Review of Standard Chartered IDR had revealed severe disadvantages for retail investors.In Seven Reasons Why StanChart IDR was not a good buy, I had listed out the shortcomings of the IDR instrument and Standard Chartered as a stock.It seems that […]

The detente between the Ambani brothers which lead to the rescinding of the non-compete agreement has resulted in Reliance Industries  Ltd (RIL) being the biggest Winner in the win-win arrangement.While on one hand Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communication which was facing a liquidity problem has benefited by being free to sell a stake in the company,Mukesh […]

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has requested India’s stock market regulator SEBI for price secrecy during Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and Follow on Public Offerings (FPO)s. The ostensible reason given is that the price discovery mechanism during the IPO and FPO lets investors bidding during the end of the bidding process an advantage.A specious argument in […]

An In Depth Review of Standard Chartered IDR revealed that its was heavily disadvantageous for retail investors  and that’s what the final subscriptions numbers  of the IDR listing proves as well .The Retail Portion was subscribed only by 25% –  a resounding “no-confidence of StanChart IDR” which was ostensibly done to raise the public profile […]