Each investor or person often asks the question is what amount of wealth or money will qualify him as rich !!! This is a very subjective question as rich itself does not have an exact definition. It is also relative as a person with 1 crore in a village may think himself as rich while […]

As 2024 begins, investors need to carefully analyze which asset classes and themes have a good prospect of doing well in 2024 and make their allocation strategy accordingly. First a recap of 2023. Equities did reasonably well in the second half as the Indian economy showed remarkable resilience despite high global interest rates and slowing […]

Infographic Provided By Energy Pricing, a top competitor to┬ácompare energy rates. Due to the pandemic, remote work has seen an increase, which means more individuals are getting paid while working from home. From answering calls at a support center or going through files in a data entry position, there are several benefits to working from […]

The cryptocurrency market is a new and rapidly growing industry, and with it has come a rise in crypto Ponzi schemes. These schemes are fraudulent investment opportunities that promise high returns with little or no risk. However, they are actually just a way for the scammers to take your money. In India, there have been […]

With Bitcoin’s remarkable ascent and persistent appeal, it’s unsurprising that many investors are contemplating including cryptocurrencies in their investment mix. In fact, those planning for retirement can now leverage tax-efficient accounts such as self-directed IRAs to invest in cryptocurrencies and other non-traditional investment options. However, a recent U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) report suggests otherwise. […]