NTPC Enters The EV Market In India India is facing the unique situation for the first time in its history where the power supply is more than demand. The country always suffered from chronic power deficits as generation never kept up with the growth in demand. However, the new NDA government has cleared a lot […]

More EV Charging Stations In The U.S. Have you imagined going out of fuel when driving on a lonely expressway. Probably not! because you have many refueling stations to help you. To reach that stage in context of an electric vehicle, will need many more installations of EV charging stations. The number of electric cars […]

Benefits of Using An Electric Vehicle Gone are the days when electric vehicles specifically electric cars were regarded as slow and expensive and thought incapable of travelling very far. The electric cars are evolving and now offer much more speed and range to choose from. They are become more reliable than the early days with […]

Sale of Electric Vehicles Grew by 37.5% in India India has an ambitious target of electrifying all its cars on road by 2030 and plans to have 6 million electric cars running on Indian roads by 2020. Though sales of electric vehicles in India increased by 37.5% to 22,000 units for the year ended 31 […]

EV Market in Australia The Australian government is having a hard time facing the wrath of the electric car manufacturers in Australia. Many of the large automobile companies like BMW, Hyundai and Tesla have called upon government support to promote the running of electric vehicles in Australia. These companies have taken a step forward and […]

Electric Vehicles in China Electric vehicles are gathering the much needed pace to run on roads. The world is getting aware of the perils of pollution and rising global warming levels. Many of the countries have been trying to make a remarkable shift towards renewable sources of power to help fight the issues. Solar energy […]