Electric Vehicles is becoming the most active segment of the Green Industry in recent times with Alliances,Acquisitions as well as Breakups . Global Auto Heavyweights along with numerous small startups  like Fisker,Coda,Tesla are jostling for position in this new “Hot segment” of the Auto industry.The past few months have seen furious activity with a mish-mash […]

2010 has a very high probability of  being the warmest year since records have been kept from the 19th  century.Land Temperatures in 2010 are supposed to be whopping 13.3 Degrees Centigrade higher than the average temperature of the 20th Century.This follows a severe global winter in which Europe and China saw record low temperatures.Though there […]

Electric Vehicles are receiving increasing amounts of attention and dollars from established vehicle makers around the world . Nissan has already seen massive bookings for its much anticipated “Leaf” while GM is trying to revive its fortune by releasing Chevy Volt.Toyota which has been the leader in “Green Vehicle” race with its iconic Prius, recently […]

The US Government needs a Reality Check about who is leading the world in Clean Energy.While the US Commerce Secretary thinks that the US might lose the clean energy leadership to China , I think they might already have lost it. The following US utility Duke Energy statement seems to corroborate my opinion. “China is […]

Market Research firm iSuppli has made an extremely  “bullish call” for German demand in 2010 and 2011.iSuppli is predicting a 6.6 GW (up 70% y/y)  demand for Germany in 2010 and an astounding 9.5 GW of demand in Germany for 2011.This despite expecting another 13.5% cut in FIT rates in 2011 which would bring the […]

China which possesses 97% of the total rare earth minerals required by the new age Green Industry has further tightened its grip by cracking down on illegal mining.These rare earth mineral are essential for the growth of the Green Industry finding diversified uses in  the making of electric vehicles ,semiconductors,lasers,optoelectronics, batteries ,wind turbines and thin […]