EU Carbon prices which had gone ups after the 2009 lows on the back of economy recovery are also falling again.Would make sense since the economy would slow down requiring less amounts of carbon offsets by industries. Note I am not a fan of the carbon offsets where big industries and financial players are reaping […]

We all know what happened in Spain in 2008.Due to extremely generous feed in tariffs for solar , installers went on a spree installing 2.5 GW of solar in 6 months compared to the world’s global capacity till date of less  than 20 GW . This led to a sharp revision and crash of the […]

IMS has released the top 10 suppliers of solar panels for 2008-2009.What is striking about the the rankings is that the Chinese solar companies have improved their ranking in the top 10 , all the Japanese companies have had their rankings decreased . The low cost capabilities of the Chinese has led to this change.I […]

Here are some thoughts from the Pictet Clean Energy Fund reported on Bloomberg Pictet Clean Energy Fund Finds Value in Cree’s LEDs – Businessweek Ask Pictet Clean Energy Fund manager Philippe de Weck where he finds investment value in a world more concerned about the economic recession than reducing emissions and the short answer is […]

EPIA joined the bandwagon of analysts and research firms predicting a large increase in global solar installations in 2010. Solar demand growth will be be >50% y/y in 2010 compared to 2009.The main driver for the increase is the sharp decrease in module and installations costs over the last 2 years .This has started to […]

If I was a Google investor I would be alarmed by Google’s investment in a wind farm project.The $39 million investment though small is not what I would want a technology company in my portfolio to be using up its cash  for.While its venture capital investments in start up companies like eSolar,Nanosolar and some others […]