Oil Companies are coming under increasing fire in the aftermath of the BP Oil Spill which has exposed a lot of skeletons in the Fossil Fuel Closet.British Petroleum has already been exposed for the lies and deception with even the US regulators coming under criticism for lax regulation.The Oil Industry instead of owning responsibility has […]

Global Warming and Climate Change Mitigation has been given the Cold Shoulder by the World Governments with attention being divertedĀ  towards theĀ  Global Financial Crisis.The Economic Crisis has given a good excuse even for unaffected countries to water down their commitments to Climate Change .Canada which has been one of the biggest laggards on climate […]

China has put on hold new IPO’s from its fast growing Green Industry to prevent overcapacity and weed out small players.Though Goldwind (China’s second largest wind turbine producer) has received approval for the Biggest Green IPO in 2010 in HongKong later this month,others are facing hurdles.While no official communication has been released,Reuters reported that the […]

The detente between the Ambani brothers which lead to the rescinding of the non-compete agreement has resulted in Reliance IndustriesĀ  Ltd (RIL) being the biggest Winner in the win-win arrangement.While on one hand Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communication which was facing a liquidity problem has benefited by being free to sell a stake in the company,Mukesh […]

The Gulf Oil Rig explosion has led to a virtual implosion of British Petroleum with the costs and damages mounting at an unprecedented pace for this company. British Petroleum the $200 Billion Oil Colossus has seen its market cap being shaved off by a massive $60 billion after the explosion.The Oil Spill which has been […]

Nuclear Energy Reactor Market – Main Players The Nuclear Energy Equipment market which is supposed to grow to a Trillion Dollar Market by 2030 is dominated by Three Companies/Joint Ventures.French Energy Giant Areva,Toshiba-Westinghouse and General Electric-Hitachi are the three Combines ruling over the Nuclear Energy Reactor Market currently.There are also two smaller players Russia’s ZAO […]