Market Research firm iSuppli has made an extremely  “bullish call” for German demand in 2010 and 2011.iSuppli is predicting a 6.6 GW (up 70% y/y)  demand for Germany in 2010 and an astounding 9.5 GW of demand in Germany for 2011.This despite expecting another 13.5% cut in FIT rates in 2011 which would bring the […]

China which possesses 97% of the total rare earth minerals required by the new age Green Industry has further tightened its grip by cracking down on illegal mining.These rare earth mineral are essential for the growth of the Green Industry finding diversified uses in  the making of electric vehicles ,semiconductors,lasers,optoelectronics, batteries ,wind turbines and thin […]

While European solar module producers have seen their marketshare and revenues crumbling in the face of the Chinese onslaught , there domination of the solar equipment continues.Despite semi equipment giant Applied Materials maintaining its top position in the Top 10 rankings released by VLSI the other ranks are dominated by European players mostly from Germany. […]

Despite “numerous efforts” by BP which took a week to wake up to the scale of the disaster, the Oil Spill has finally  hit the American coast.The oil spill will have a devastating impact on the wildlife , fishing and tourism of the area.It underscores the damage that our world suffers from its dependence on […]

Biofuels were all the rage during the Bush administration which mandated the use of biofuels for the Transportation Industry.It led to a huge boom in biofuel stocks like Verasun,Pacific Ethanol due to a confluence of positive factors like a) Increasing Oil Prices  b) Regulatory Action c) Low Raw Material Prices.However Biofuels from Crops can never […]

The BP oil spill has garnered unprecedented media coverage due to the major environment impact it could have on some of the coastal states of the USA.Its a good thing since it again brings the focus back on the problems of fossil fuel dependent world economy.Fossil fuels are far costlier than the $70-80 barrel that […]