India’s Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) had suddenly come up with an order mandating 6% Renewable Energy Generation for Utilities under National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) with 10% RE target by 2015.This had caused consternation as India still does not have a well functioning Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) market till now which would […]

Asian Development Bank has made ambitious plans to Fund Clean Energy in Asia.It has already invested $5 Billion since 2005 and plans to increase it to $2 Billion annually by 2013.These funds will go towards the development of the whole gamut of green energy options like wind,solar,biomass and geothermal energy in Asia.Note ADB is already […]

Estonia is facing increasing burden of renewable energy subsidies with electricity tariffs rising for the general population.With prices expected to be up almost 10% due to the Feed in Tariffs for Wind Energy,the government is thinking of cutting the support tariffs by  50%.Estonia  has seen a Wind Energy Boom in recent times spurred by favorable […]

Czech Republic came out with a Renewable Energy Framework which will finish off the Solar Sector in the country if passed in the current form.Czech despite its small size has become the 3rd largest market for Solar Energy in Europe driven by high Feed in Tariffs.These guaranteed electricity rates have led to  a Boom in […]

Norway has been hailed as the toughest cutter of Greenhouse Gas Emissions amongst the devloped countries promising to cut Carbon Emissions by  30-40% by 2020 from the 1990 Levels.Compared to this USA has promised a measily  17% cut from 2005 levels and the EU  only 20% by 2020 from 1990 levels.Norway’s cost of cutting emissions […]

Italy largest power utility Enel and giant Chinese utilities Huaneng and Datang Group are looking to spinoff their Renewable Energy Arms through IPOs.Note Enel has been looking to raise money to reduce it massive 51 billion euro debt burden and has been trying to offload its Green Energy Subsidiary for quite a while now.Enel is […]