Copenhagen was a disaster and there has been no agreement on how to proceed with policies on a global basis to deal with the ever growing problem of climate change and global warming. Its each country adopting its own policies and targets with reducing carbon emissions, which can only work on a local or at […]

EREC has released a  new report “Re-thinking 2050″ outlining the roadmap to make Europe 100% powered by renewable energy by 2050  . The report was released in the European parliament .While the report discusses a lot about the benefits  to getting to the objective,it has precious little on the specifics of the costs and policies […]

For a while major PC makers having been introducing smartphones,while mobile makers also introducing mobile PC variants Dell and Acer have started a line of smartphones. Now by buying HP the biggest of  the PC maker has entered the smartphone segment as well. Nokia introduced a tablet PC some time ago Apple already had a […]

The Global Wind Industry increased by 31% in 2009 despite a bad year for the world economy boosted by the movement towards cleaner energy and the relatively good economics of wind compared to other renewables like solar energy. Despite this Vestas which is the world’s largest turbine maker reported a loss making quarter . I […]

IBM crowd sourcing could see employed workforce shrink by three quarters Trends toward contract work and unorganized work forces has the potential to change the cultural,social and economic facets of our society completely. Exponential growth in  computing power and communication has transformed our society a huge amount already and will continue to do so How […]

Orient Green Power Ltd (OGPL), is planning to raise  Rs 900 crore to fund its expansion plans of raising capacity to 1000 MW by 2013 from the less than 200 MW now.Shriram EPC, Bessemer andOlympus Capital are the promoters of this company started in 2007 . From its website OGPL is a leading renewable energy […]