Here are some thoughts from the Pictet Clean Energy Fund reported on Bloomberg Pictet Clean Energy Fund Finds Value in Cree’s LEDs – Businessweek Ask Pictet Clean Energy Fund manager Philippe de Weck where he finds investment value in a world more concerned about the economic recession than reducing emissions and the short answer is […]

What is Green Investing? Green Investing has become quite prominent these days because of the concerns with climate change,energy security,peak oil and the deleterious effect of fossil fuels on our environment .The  BP Oil Spill is a stark reminder of the devastation that can be caused by our fossil fuel dependence.Green investing s a broad […]

EPIA joined the bandwagon of analysts and research firms predicting a large increase in global solar installations in 2010. Solar demand growth will be be >50% y/y in 2010 compared to 2009.The main driver for the increase is the sharp decrease in module and installations costs over the last 2 years .This has started to […]

If I was a Google investor I would be alarmed by Google’s investment in a wind farm project.The $39 million investment though small is not what I would want a technology company in my portfolio to be using up its cash  for.While its venture capital investments in start up companies like eSolar,Nanosolar and some others […]

Large multilateral developmental institutions are boosting adoption of solar energy through large scaling funding efforts.European Investment Bank recently announced more than Euro 500 million in financing for solar projects and CDB announced multi billion dollars lines of credit with Suntech and Trina Solar . ADB today also joined these efforts with a large scale funding […]

BP is finally waking up from its stupor and looking for help on stopping the oil spilling for its rig in the Gulf of Mexico. While it was doing precious little for the past week , Obama’s visit and state and federal criticism has made it sit up . BP CEO says its an industry […]