Green IPO’s which were being planned with the recovery in the world economy and renewed interest by investors have shuddered to a halt.The European debt problems has put a question mark whether the governments which are the prime drivers of green companies can continue their support. This combined with the market gyrations which are being […]

EU Carbon prices which had gone ups after the 2009 lows on the back of economy recovery are also falling again.Would make sense since the economy would slow down requiring less amounts of carbon offsets by industries. Note I am not a fan of the carbon offsets where big industries and financial players are reaping […]

Toshiba today forecast that its profits would double due mainly to its NAND operations. In 2007 and 2008 , memory makers across the world saw their profits and margins dip into huge losses as overcapacity killed pricing.Most the the manufacturers were producing chips at below costs.The situation was not sustainable and it led to the […]

We all know what happened in Spain in 2008.Due to extremely generous feed in tariffs for solar , installers went on a spree installing 2.5 GW of solar in 6 months compared to the world’s global capacity till date of less  than 20 GW . This led to a sharp revision and crash of the […]

IMS has released the top 10 suppliers of solar panels for 2008-2009.What is striking about the the rankings is that the Chinese solar companies have improved their ranking in the top 10 , all the Japanese companies have had their rankings decreased . The low cost capabilities of the Chinese has led to this change.I […]

As I was writing in my earlier post , consolidation in the technology market is creating Technology Behemoths competing in large parts of the technology spectrum.Microsoft is entering the  smartphone market with  Kin  to counter its prime competitor  Google which recently launched the NexusOne. It will also go head to head  with Apple another one […]