World’s biggest Oil company Exxon Mobil has opened a Greenhouse facility to grow and test algae which will be used for producing biofuels.Algae based Biofuels is a green investment opportunity is still a decade away,as the technology is far from mature.However major Oil Refiners like Valero are already positioning themselves in this space.All the Oil […]

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a cesspool of Corruption and Waste Fannie and Freddie Mae which would long have gone bankrupt after the Lehman crisis had it not been for the unlimited credit linesĀ  from the US Treasury.These two firms which are now 80% owned by the US government have already lost a massive $160 […]

.The almost 20% peak to trough fall has led to Germany’s already strong exporting machine to generate even greater exports.While the rest of the European countries like Spain,Greece and Portugal don’t really have the industry to benefit from Euro weakness,Germany has a massive industries to do so.

US Export Import Bank (Exim) is a government owned financial institution which helps support US trade through credit financing of exports/imports of US companies.The Bank is also an instrument of US government policy which supports renewable energy and acts against climate change.However its recent policy actions have been criticized heavily by environmental groups for supporting […]

General Electric or GE as it is popularly known is one of the biggest players in the Green Industry globally.It generated $18 billion in Ecomagination revenues in 2009 with $1.5 Billion in Investment.General Electric like other industrial conglomerates like Siemens,Areva and others are in fact low risk plays in the Green Investing sector.GE is strong […]

There has been reports of massive debt distress in Eastern European countries following the Global Financial Crisis.One of the major factors leading to this is the problem of foreign currency denominated loans.Most of the countries in Eastern Europe became truly independent after the dissolution of the erstwhile USSR.With weak institutions and nascent democracies,these countries became […]