Samsung has started taking baby steps into the green business while signaling big intentions about growth and investment.The Company sees most of the future growth to be driven by clean technology,while noting that some the areas where it is dominant in might not exist at all in the future.It  already has existing small business lines […]

The US has been a laggard on the climate change mitigation compared to the progressive stances taken by Europe and Japan.Despite strong hopes raised by the election of Obama, the clean energy and climate change have remained on the backburner for the President and his team . While no one doubts that the economic  issues […]

Lufthansa is going to mix biofuel with kerosene for its planes starting from 2012 . The EU is mandating the ETS system for the flight industry from 2012 ,therefore to reduce the costs of emitting carbon Lufthansa is being compelled to think of using biofuel.I am not a fan of carbon certificates as it benefits […]

India’s chief economic advisor thinks that India could benefit from increased capital flows if the Greek crisis is contained at the present level. How he thinks that the crisis can be contained at which level and at what level India will benefit is not specified. These type of subjective statements makes no sense.A Contagion does […]

Choosing an Alternative Energy ETF – Seeking Alpha Gives a good idea on which ETFs are out there to invest in green technology,though you would have to research the merits of them by yourself Can drip irrigation break Africa’s hunger cycles? – Reuters Water Scarcity is going to be the biggest problems of the 21st […]

Nokia has been losing marketshare,brand appeal  and pricing power in the mobile phone market since it reached its peak with Motorola self destructing.After that it has been a downhill story for the company as you can read in my earlier posts. Now it seems that the Company has already realized that it is a low […]